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Crushers of biomass

Screw shredder
In stock Straw shredder screw for a double engine.       The yield of 5 t / h depending on the length of the fragmentation and moisture content.         Comminuted material having a moisture content of 10% to 70% -80%   The higher the humidity, the...
Group: Crushers of biomass
Lines for intensive shredding of straw and waste wood
In stock 
  The line for chopping straw Shredder reel intended for dry straw; balotw round baler - large and small, and loose straw. The yield of 5 t / h. Moisture max. straw to 15%. Tray -length of 6 m. Used motors 22kW, 37kW and 2x37 kW. Screw shredder designed for wet straw; balotw...
Group: Crushers of biomass


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